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How to Choose What Stone to Wear

I’ve got lapis and garnet a plenty, I’ve got turquoise and moonstone galore…


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Crystal jewelry is so much fun to look at, but if you’re anything like me, you’re left with a wide collection and no clue what to choose each day. Here are some quick tips to help you be more intentional when choosing your accessories every day:


  • Follow your intuition

There’s nothing like your own intuition to guide your way. Close your eyes, visualize how you want your day to go, then reach out and where the first piece of jewelry you touch. You’ll naturally be drawn to the stone that will help you create your beautiful day.


  • Match your intention

Each crystal is uniquely able to help you with a certain intention. Are you working on better communication, or improving relationships? Do you want to be more productive, or more aligned with your higher purpose? Pop onto Google for a quick search or browse your favorite blog to see what stone best fits your goals.


  • Take a quiz

Sometimes it’s just easier for someone to tell you what to wear. I’ve put together a super helpful quiz that will tell you what stones you should wear based on your life, emotions, and goals. Take the quiz here and see what you get!


Drop a comment below and share - how do you choose your jewelry each day?


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